Friday, October 15, 2010


I'm not sure where I'm going with this one.  Buckle in.  This could be a bumpy ride on the tilt-a-wedge today.

Cross your fingers for me.  I found a rotten log in my cabin the other day.  None of the other logs around it are compromised so to me it is something that happened that wasn't the fault of poor maintenance.  From what little (oh so little) I do understand, it's not too often that an insurance company will cover  a rotten log, but since I am only about $4,990 away from being able to afford a $5,000 repair, any well wishes would help.

Returning the loaner car today and picking up my loaner pick-up from a friend.  Man, am I gonna drive the shit out of that truck.  I won't take a curve, corner, or jump any slower than 35 mph before I return that sonuvabitch.  Actually, I will treat the truck rather well.  I respect other people's stuff.  I just wanted to show people that my sarcasm is equal opportunity and I do it to friends and strangers alike.  If I never make fun of you at all, then I probably don't respect you, or I believe the force in you is not strong enough to handle my dark side jibes.

Tonight is the first camp night in several years.  I am looking forward to it.  Tomorrow I will feel like I swallowed a carcass and probably feel and smell like one, too.  It's not often I get together with that crew though and it's one of those nights I don't have to worry about driving home nor worry about how late to stay because my designated driver might want to go home.  It's win-win for everyone except for whoever owns the camp because there is a 50/50 shot of at least some of my bodily fluids getting into some part of the camp they aren't supposed to.  Nature of the beast.  I apologize in advance.

That's all the brain squeezings I've got for you today.  Have a good weekend, kids.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

So, how has your week been?

Let me just start with this picture:

That was this past Thursday.  We live on top of a hill and the river lives on the bottom of the hill.  Apparently the parking brake decided to quit or go into retirement without telling us and this is what happened.  Thankfully this pic was taken after my wife got into the car and tried to back it up onto land.  Otherwise it would be a little further out into the wet still.  It is now the following Wednesday and the insurance company  just called to let us know that the car will be considered totaled.  Apparently water and all the electronicky gadgets get along like Crisco and rock climbers so it is the insurance company's practice to put floater cars out to pasture.  

I would have liked to take pictures of the tow truck taking it out of the river, but I had to chip in and get into the driver's side and steer it as they hauled it out.  This just in: river water is cold in October.  I could hardly tell which way the tow guys were telling me to turn the wheel because they were laughing so hard.

So now I am caught in limbo.  Begging rides home from work from my coworkers who only just two weeks ago stopped bringing me home after my truck was being repaired.  I have to wait to coordinate several factors before I lay money down on a new vehicle because I recently went through a pretty rough patch of life that left me in bankruptcy.  Whee.  No pity.  My choices.  I did it.  No shame.  It's just going to add about twenty-leven more steps to the car buying process which was already a process that I thought was akin to having an impacted molar removed through my ear canal.

On Friday, I found a dry rotted log in my log cabin.  I was hoping to use my coaching check this coming Spring to rebuild my porch, but instead I will use it to try to keep my house from falling over.  What's another year with a cinder block porch anyways?   Nobody likes them fancy folk with them there wood porches.

Onto Monday and my daughter insisted on becoming sick...again.  Rotten kid.  Sure she knows her times tables and thinks I'm the greatest dad who ever owned a Ford Focus-raft, but I had to stay home from work last Mon and Tues to tend to her after taking the previous Thursday off to tend to wet wheels.  Kid's cough sounds like someone giving Godzilla the Heimlich.  It's downright painful to listen to.   Kim took over kid duty for me on Wednesday and we are going to split Thursday so we can both still get some work done while also tending to our spawn.  Basically between the kid's two illnesses, and the car thing, I will have burned up almost half my sick days before winter has even set in.  Not really what one would call a best-case-scenario.

Now is when it is therapeutic for me to think of a list of my blessings:

The Focus Kneivel did miss wiping out my dog who was chained in the area right through which the car caught about four feet of air before splashing down.

Kid made it to the doctor's today so hopefully she will be back at school by Friday.  At least she better or I'm gonna have to punch her in the belly.  I mean, hey...if the kid won't get better, it's time to give her some extra motivation.  I mean look at her:  

That's not even her posing.  That's just what she looks like if I don't feed her on time.

Hmmm...where was I?  Oh yeah...positives...

Just got word that the payout for the totaled S.S. Focus was higher than I anticipated so that is good.

Um...only two students got caught cheating during the days I was away from school.  *sigh*

I did get a partial workout in today which I haven't done in ten days.  

Somehow this isn't cheering me up.  Perhaps a good night's sleep will do the trick?  

Check in with you later folks.