Friday, January 18, 2013

I haven't blogged in a year!

Well, consider this another re-set.

Here is what has been happening in my life since I last appeared here:

Hello fat...we meet again.  Heavier than ever.  Don't know why I do this roller coaster.  Probably some kind of mental impairment.  Either that, or the slowest suicide technique ever.   Time to get my crap together.  No worries.  This blog will never consist of a daily workout routine update.  I do that other places.

Politics...I spent a considerable amount of time trying to stay informed about the candidates in the last Presidential election.  Way too much time.  Couldn't help it.  I think the last election was a big one.  I felt it necessary to keep informed and to inform others whenever assorted lies were posted.  I was like an unofficial Obama campaign worker. Moreso because I thought the way of Romney lie madness and less because I really, really like Obama.

Kid...has passed from the "kid" stage to the "girl" stage and constantly has stuff going on.  Quick warning to boys:  Even though I am out of shape I am still capable of making you taste your own colon by reaching into your yap and turning you inside out.  Alanis' first tat will read, "Date At Your Own Risk."  That shit isn't gonna be some temporary henna crap either.  It's going to be big and bold and permanent...kinda like your headstone.

Summer illness...If you haven't figured it out, I'm a teacher and I spent almost the entirety of my ten weeks away from school being sick.  Big problems with my C-PAP machine and even bigger problems with idiot doctors.

Summer heat...  If you want to see a cranky S.O.B. keep the summer heat cranked up past 80 and humidity hanging right around 85%....all summer long.  I did not function well in heat before I got put on thyroid meds and I function even worse in the heat since I got put on it.  Not whining.  Just fact.  At that humidity level I can begin to smell my own balls through my shorts about fifteen minutes after my last shower. In the winter, that takes at least a couple hours.  The entire summer was like a pocketful of hell for me.  My cure?  Vodka.  Lots of it.  It didn't help, but if I drank enough of it, I would at least forget how miserable yesterday had been.

House...still some repairs needing to be made...all of which will have to wait until after our bankruptcy is over in a couple years.  I think I've blogged about that before.  So somewhere in there I just decided I had to keep our crappy broken down house cleaner to try to cover up the fact that everything is broken/ugly/stained up.  I have actually been mostly successful in this.  Still not Better Homes and Gardens stuff, but the dust only piles up to a quarter inch before I take care of it which is at least 3/8 of an inch improvement. The major casualty of this has been the basement which I'm pretty sure is going to call Hoarders itself in another month or two.

Cooking...Got into cooking kinda big time again.  It's probably my biggest hobby at this point. I'm not sure why.  There must be something in there that makes it worth my while, but I really haven't figured out what it is.  Probably because there is some mild positive feedback when I do it.

Work...due to many factors my work has taken up a ton more time this year.  I have six...six unique academic preps per day now and no study halls and no TA's.  I hear about teachers elsewhere who have 2 preps per day, 2 prep periods, and 4 TA's to help with correcting papers.  In my milder moments I am just proud that I am handling the load the best I can.  In my more bitter moments I kind of wish a death via festering boils for those teachers.  I'm not perfect.  I can get a tad cranky sometimes.  Like many others, my salary has declined quite considereably which just adds more to that whole bankruptcy stressball of "I'm two paychecks away from losing my home feeling" and that doesn't make me feel like writing or being creative much, but that's probably something I will have to deal with as I don't see the situation changing in the near future. Dear  Governor Snyder:  If you could just keep your mitts out of the once solvent education fund and try not giving that money to every other program that was fucked up due to no fault of the education system...well that would be ass.

Family...I don't know.  My hermit tendencies are winning most of the time.  From what I gather, my mom looks great and is doing fine.  My sister and brother are working like crazy and no one has died recently.  At least some of those things are considered a "win."  Wife hasn't smothered me in my sleep.  Definitely a win on that one.

There you go.  2012 in a nutshell.  Hope to see more of you in 2013.