Sunday, September 11, 2011

This is what will end up killing me.

Here is a picture of my garbage can from a couple weeks ago.  Yes, the top of my garbage can is dirty.  Keeping my garbage can lid clean enough to eat from is not a priority in my life.  If this disturbs you, feel free not to drop by any time soon.  Beyond all that, however, I'm not sure how or who decided that the appropriate place to store a folding chair was to lean it again the garbage can so that use of requisite garbage can necessitates moving the chair.

I could have taken five seconds and put the chair back where it belonged.  Yep, I coulda.  In addition to making my blood pressure elevate to levels where stepping on seal babies seems like an appropriate course of action, shit like this often makes me curious.  Mostly I wanted to know just how long I could leave that chair leaning on that garbage can, before someone else looked at it and realized that, "Oh crap! I forgot I left that there.  I will put it back now."

Yeah, that would have been a cool experiment, except I could only put up with it for three days.  Yes, apparently I was the only person in my house to throw anything away for three days.  Ahem *cough* bullshit* cough, cough.  For three days,  I would move the chair, throw something away, and then put the chair back on the garbage can.  So, not only am I dumbassed enough to do that to make the multiple incidents of trash disposal an exercise in patience and ridiculousness...but I also let something that would have taken seconds to fix and be done with, become the nucleus of near fusion levels of white hot anger over and over again for a span of about 72 hours.  Maybe it would have been different if the first time I discovered the chair there, I didn't have two handfuls of eggshells and yolks in my hands.  Maybe.

I had to end the experiment after three days when it became apparent that my leaving of the chair on top of the garbage can was not having it's intended result and it was also reducing my lifespan by weeks every time I let the situation raise my ire.  Mostly I just wanted whoever put that there to fix it.  To me folding chairs on top of garbage cans ranks right up there with storing your banana peel collection on the top step of the basement stairs.  Yep, I need to relax and not let stuff like this get to me.

Don't get me wrong.  This isn't about whoever left the chair there.  It's about how I react to certain minutiae in my life and how I let it fire me up.